How To Maintain Your Baby Furniture

All the parents want their babies safe and healthy. Besides the food, clothes etc, the furniture items where little babies sleep, sit and play are also very important to bring a clean environment. Here belows are some tips for you.

1.To remove the frequent dusting of your furniture, wipe with a soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water.

2.Don’t place wet or hot or sharp objects on your wooden furniture. Use trivets and coasters to prevent damage, and wipe up spills promptly. Note: anything placed directly on the furniture with a chemical compound can compromise the finish.

3.Strong sunlight or a very dry room can fade the color of your furniture and dry the wood. Not too dry nor too damp is important to keep the structure of your furniture.

4.Once a week inspect the crib/cradle/highchair/playpen for any damaged hardware, loose joints, missing parts or sharp edges. Discontinue using them if any parts are missing or broken.

5.When out for a long trip/holiday, store the furniture in a cool, dry climate controlled place. Proper packing will retains its finish, shape and beauty when you’re back to use them again.

6.Parents should ensure a safe environment for the child by checking regularly, before placing the child in the product, that every component is properly and securely in place.

The painting we’re using is non-toxic, still pls take attention on your child and avoid them bitting directly on the furniture surface or corner.

Post time: Jun-23-2020