How to Choose a Moses Basket

When you bring your new baby home from the hospital, you’ll find yourself saying over and over, “She’s so tiny!” The problem is that most items in your nursery are designed to be used as your baby grows, which means their proportions are too large for an infant.  But a Baby Moses Basket is designed specifically for you are newborn. These baskets are snug, secure places for your baby to relax, sleep, and play. With superior comfort and convenient handles for transportation, it’s the perfect first sanctuary for your little one. A Moses Basket can be used until your baby begins to pull himself up.



There are many things to consider when looking for a place to rest your little one. Let’s walk through what you should know when making your buying decision.


The first aspect of the Moses Basket to consider is the basket itself. Make sure to look for a sturdy construction that provides strong structural support. Also, check that your Moses Basket has sturdy handles that meet in the middle.Your baby will spend a good deal of time lying on the mattress, so selecting a Moses Basket with a quality mattress is essential.



Most bassinets/baskets have a weight limit of 15 to 20 pounds. Your baby may outgrow this by height/size before they exceed the weight limit. To help prevent and avoid any falls, do not use baskets once infant is able to push up onto her/his hands and knees or reaches the recommended maximum weight, whichever comes first.

Basket Stands

Moses Basket Stands that rock is a great, inexpensive way to combine the benefits of your Moses Basket with a cradle. These solid stands safely hold your basket and put your baby within arm’s reach for a gentle rock. This is especially convenient at night!

Moses Basket Stands come in a variety of wood finishes to complement your basket and bedding. 

When you’re not using your Stand—or between babies—it’s a snap to fold and store.

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Be aware that infants can suffocate in gaps between an extra pad and the side of the Moses basket. You should NEVER add a pillow, extra padding, mattress, bumper pads or comforter. DO NOT use the pad/bedding with any other Moses basket or bassinet. Pad is designed to fit the dimensions of your basket. 


BASKETS should ALWAYS be placed on a firm and flat surface or in a moses basket stand. DO NOT place it on tables, near stairs, or on any elevated surfaces. It is recommended to place the handles of the basket in an outward position when baby is inside. 

KEEP BASKET AWAY from ALL heaters, fires/flames, stoves, fireplaces, campfires, open windows, water (running or standing), stairs, window blinds, and ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury.

And some important things to remember when you go mobile with your little one –

  • ● DO NOT move/carry the basket with your baby inside of it. It is recommended that you remove your baby first.
  • ● DO NOT attach toys or place toys with strings or cords in or around the basket to avoid strangulation or choking.
  • ● DO NOT allow pets and/or other children to climb into the basket while your baby is inside. 
  • ● AVOID the use of plastic bags inside the basket.
  • ● DO NOT leave infant unattended.

Post time: Apr-16-2021