How to choose baby high chair?

The baby is the hope of the family, the baby grew up day by day, mom and dad is really see in the eye or in the heart, from the birth to babble, from milk to feed itself, need to carefully take care of mom and dad, at this stage, choose to darling eat chair is also on the agenda, so how to choose for the baby chair?

The baby is always very naughty, even when you eat is also active, which requires attention when selecting a chair, to select the base very steady, had better be four legs wooden chairs, and be more strong, can withstand the living baby large movements of left swing right sway, baby how to eat chair won’t fall down, so that mom will not have to worry about the safety of the baby.

If baby is small, can choose mensal chair one of that kind of to help him, but don’t buy cheap is inferior, even better material is wood or metal frame is relatively coarse, if it is wood, the mother must take a look at carefully, the surface is smooth, never buy with wood, it will scratch the baby.

Eat chair should compare capacious, inside besides the body that can put the baby besides, have the surplus space that the baby moves even, let the baby can move freely inside move to go, if tight of encircle the baby inside, affect the mood of the baby not only, also let the body cannot stretch, affect the development of the baby.

When buying baby chairs, have a plenty of a set of the above wear protection tape, card buckle and so on, some only a single chair, supporting the protection of the goods need to match, mother don’t worry, but in a timely manner with good safety accessories, every time when having a meal, put the baby on the chair, fasten your seat belt, and do a good job in security protection.

When to buy baby chairs, as far as possible not to buy it with wheels, baby chair is generally not heavy, the wheel it didn’t help, the more simple the more strong, more a process is a little more than the probability of bad, if I buy the belt wheels, must be in the baby to fasten on the wheel when you eat, otherwise the wheels run may let the baby by knock against, it is very dangerous.

Baby eat chair is various, we basically should consider the safety problem of the baby, the color that just is eat chair next, pattern, style to wait, basically speaking, baby eat chair should choose what the baby likes, accord with the physiology characteristic of the baby, the kitchen that style and the home is decorated, table style photograph is tie-in can.

Post time: Feb-01-2020