Why should you get a baby Playpen?

As much as moms want to keep an eye on their kids, it’s impossible to watch them twenty-four hours a day. Sometimes, parents need to shower or cook dinner and do not want accidents to occur.With a playpen, we believe it will be achievable. 

1. It’s Safe

Safety is the most important thing, and it should be the priority of the parents. If the child is in the playpen and the parent has to do some home chores, then it is crucial to find a place which is safe for the baby to play.

Our playpen has been tested under strict EN 12220 standard also EN71 and pass all relevant tests and regulations.


2. Suitable for Group Activity

All the babies or children always want to have their little friends and playing together. A playpen can help moms contain and keep their children under control with a defined play area. For two, three even four children, anyone with more than one kid or friends and family with children can still organize the most relaxed play date ever.Besides with a qualified playpen, there is no need to worry about how messy it gets when children are playing, as it will help contain the mess. Whether it is toy or paint, they stay in one area of the house.


3. Create their own areas

The playpens are convenient and adjustable according to the aspect of the room.Parents can set the playpen in any spot of their choice without worrying about hindrance or blocking the way.Fill the Playpen with lots of toys and kid-friendly accessories instead of just leaving it empty,our small angels can find their own fun quickly and easily. After all, it will be the spot where the kid will be spending maximum time.

Different from majority of the playpens in the market which looks complicated also need a long time to study and assemble, our BP02 and BP03 playpen is with full panel,you only need 5mins to connect every piece.Easy assemble also foldable, our playpen can provide you extra time and space!


4. Work for your pets too!

Besides serve your baby,a playpen can work for your pets at the same time! You can use 4 or 6 or 8 even 10~12panels to build a wild space to avoid your pets travelling every room,bed,corner and other places you even cannot imagine!Thinking how it looks like when you get back home after a whole day’s work,a suitable playpen can help you then!


No excuses: you need to get a baby playpen now!

Post time: Jul-08-2020